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For more than two decades, salesjob has been considered one of the top addresses for professional headhunting for sales professionals in Europe. This means that in the past we have done right a lot of things for our clients. Nevertheless - or rather - precisely because of this, we consistently adhere to our successful strategy of continuous performance optimisation. It ultimately results from the fact that sales landscapes are constantly changing. This is why headhunting based on experience and first-class expertise must also change. 

For this reason, we at salesjob constantly question our search processes anew. We adapt and combine methods, make them more precise and refine them. All with the aim of improving our service quality in headhunting. Which means nothing other than putting you in contact with the best key personnel available on the market for your sales. 

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Only those, who know sales, can find the best sales employees
salesjob is a headhunting company looking for top key personnel especially for sales. Consequently, our personnel consultants or headhunters must also be first-class experts in sales. Therefore, not only a degree, professional qualifications and compatibility with our corporate culture are an absolute must for a headhunter at salesjob. Practical experience in sales is at least as important. Because only someone, who has personally experienced the special requirements in sales, can realistically assess whether potential candidates really meet them. 

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Two specialists and a first-class team of experts

Managing Director Clemens Nau implemented this consistent practical orientation when he founded his company in 2000, setting standards in headhunting especially for sales professionals. After studying industrial engineering, he gained a lot of experience in leading sales positions in international companies. Among other things, he worked in the logistics and automotive industries and as the Sales Manager of a successful online job market.

With Michael Lainer, he has an expert working at his side in a leading position who, after his training in technical computer science and business management studies, was responsible for the budget and personnel at Austria's largest trading company.

Despite their strategic and operative management tasks at salesjob, both experts still advise their own customers and personally supervise projects. Both are only a phone call or email away from you. 

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