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Finding professional sales employees is a big challenge. For example, because the best sales professionals are rarely on job portals and job ad markets, but rather out and about for their customers. If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your sales team, you have to search for top talents actively, thoroughly and in the right places. That means also in specific databases and relevant networks. But what do you do if you and your HR department have no or only limited access to these contact spaces? Then the answer to the question "How do I find sales talent" will probably be unsatisfactory. It is therefore much better to place the search for sales professionals or sales executives in the hands of a headhunter or personnel consultant from salesjob.

6 good reasons why you should hire a headhunter:

  • Quickly find the most suitable employees
  • Relief of the HR staff or personnel department
  • Search for candidates also outside the official job market
  • Professionally convincing approach to candidates at eye level
  • Discreet approach to poaching employees
  • Anonymity in the initial stages of the recruitment process

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Recruitment with discretion

salesjob headhunters find the best sales employees

You can rely on the fact that we proceed with a great deal of empathy and sensitivity in our search for sales personnel or sales executives. This means that we question the willingness of each candidate to change with due respect and absolute discretion. Headhunting with tact also enjoys absolute priority when it comes to getting to know each other personally.

salesjob Managing Director Clemens Nau says: "From my point of view, interrogation behaviour has not been an issue for a long time. Today you first get to know each other and find out if the chemistry is right, what moves the company and the candidate and what makes them tick."

In the search itself, salesjob headhunters are not tied to a specific location, but rather travel flexibly throughout Europe to connect the best sales talent with the right companies. This enables us to ensure that we find and successfully place the right candidates for the right positions everywhere. Our pan-European presence enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive and international service.

What does a salesjob headhunter cost?

With salesjob, you will find out what a headhunter costs even before he/she starts his/her work. Because, we first agree on a fixed price with you before we launch the search. The fee for headhunting is based on a fair individual mandate that clearly and transparently regulates all conditions of our cooperation. The payment agreement for our professional placement services is divided into three steps. In each one, we charge you one third of the agreed fixed price.

Fixed price: remuneration in 3 steps

1. First instalment on placing the order

2. Second instalment after three candidates proposed by salesjob have auditioned with you in person.

3. Final invoice after you have decided on your desired sales employee.

Our fixed price includes a free re-staffing. Please note that in the event of a successful placement, we will also invoice the last two instalments if fewer than three of our candidates were with you for interview.  

Our working method

How does a salesjob headhunter work?

Every search for qualified sales employees is a little different. A lot depends on the position to be filled. So, whether it's a management position that needs to be filled or rather one, where hands-on qualities are in demand? Your corporate culture also plays a considerable role. At first glance, it seems difficult for a headhunter in sales to establish a standardised and structured approach. Nevertheless, we have succeeded. Specifically, in a very flexible way to test the respective skills of the sales candidates with regard to the advertised position to the letter.

The briefing

Before our headhunter starts his/her search, he/she wants to understand your company in detail. That is why he/she will ask you for a precise briefing. The focus will be on the corporate culture, customers, sales and your expectations of the new employee. Only then he/she will draw up a detailed requirements profile and bring together your knowledge of the market and our knowledge of the candidate market. In this phase, our headhunter sees himself/herself primarily as a consultant. Together with you, he/she defines a desired profile that can also be realistically filled. 

Sourcing & Headhunting

Your headhunter then analyses salesjob's extensive talent database. It contains candidates we already know well. In addition, he/she places job advertisements and expands the search radius to include external databases and social networks. With a coordinated target company list, he/she also identifies suitable candidates for your sales department and approaches them discreetly and personally. In doing so, he/she questions their motivation to change, among other things. If the position to be filled cannot meet the candidate's requirements, he/she will not be offered the job. This is because we only propose candidates, who are a perfect fit, both personally and professionally. 

The selection

Now your headhunter from salesjob identifies the ideal sales talents or candidates for a management position in your sales department. Specifically, he/she conducts a personal and very detailed interview with all interesting candidates. The main focus is on finding answers to two central questions: Is the candidate a proven successful sales professional? Does he or she fit in with the company, the task and your team? 

The presentation

Now, in a first step, we present you two to three perfectly suitable candidates including an exposé. In it, we argue their outstanding suitability. You will also receive all the detailed information as well as the candidates' CVs. Normally, we argue in favour of one of the two or three candidates. After all, there is only ever one ideal person. We at salesjob find them.